2020, are you ready? Here's some short advice that will prepare you!

2020, are you ready? Here's some short advice that will prepare you!

1. Follow only those that give you value.

Now days it's harder and harder to keep focused and succeed. With all the distractions all around, a great way to stay focused is to unfollow most of the Instagram and other social media accounts that distract you, and follow only 4-5 accounts which actually deliver massive value to you personally.

2. Pick something, be laser focused.

Lack of focus is one of the main things that stops us from achieving what we want in life. In 2020, pick something that you really want to pursue and stay laser focused on that objective.

3. Notifications are draining your life

We live in the age of distraction. All around us there is distraction and things that suck our attention and precious time out. In 2020, try to minimise as much as possible the notifications that pop up in your phone. Instead of letting your phone use you, learn to use your phone instead.

4. Focus on your health

Health is extremely important. We keep hearing this and perhaps it's one of the most cliche things out there, but there's not enough words that can stress this out. If you don't focus on your health, you will just be running around in circles around your life without accomplishing much. If your gut and brain health are not aligned and in sync, you will not be productive and as a result you're not going to accomplish much.

5. 2018 was full of lessons. Learn from them, use them, take massive action in 2020.

Every year that passes, is full of invaluable lessons and as we get ready for the new year ahead, we can either learn from what we left behind or continue on our normal pace without doing anything much. 

For us at Quibli Media, 2019 was packed full of lessons and we intend to do the best to learn from those lessons and convert what we learn into massive action in 2020.

We hope you do the same and with that we wish you an amazing year ahead.

Best of all,
Quibli Media Team