Plan for greatness!

Plan for greatness!

I have a dream, and so do you!

Dreams are crucial part of our identity and they help us propel forward.

They help us move towards the unknown even when we don't feel like it.

But a dream must be always followed by a good plan.

This is what I didn't understand as a young adult and what I had to learn the hard way.

Much like in a business or any meaningful and worthy goal, there are 2 ways to achieving anything.

The first one is by absolute chance, or simply by trying everything you possibly can think off, until you maybe, and I mean maybe, achieve that goal!

And the second one is by having a concrete and actionable plan.

I've observed this both in my own life and by studying a lot of successful people.

The common thread towards to success is knowing how to get there.

A good plan shows a vision towards the destination and details how to get there in yearly, monthly, weekly and daily steps.

And still one must recognize that even the most perfect plan, is not perfect and that we should always expect bumps along the road.

Knowing this, will help us navigate towards the unknown better and to plan even for things we can't plan about.

So my friend, what is your dream?
Comment below and let me know. I'm curious to know!