A few thoughts on focus

A few thoughts on focus

Andrew Carnegie was one of the richest man to ever live. That's to say in the entire history of America as a nation.

When asked about diversifying your business, he used to say...
Put all your eggs in one basket but make sure to protect that basket.

So what's this got to do with focus?

Well, if one of the (if not the) richest man in history believed that the best way to become rich is by putting all your eggs in one basket, should you and I take it for granted that this the way to go?

The answer for me is yes.

Be that in business or in life, diversification is good, but the important thing to think about is where are you diversifying?

Are you diversifying within a very specialized niche and/or skill? Or are you diversifying in a general and broad way?

Think of it this way. Who gets paid more?
A doctor which can point you to the more specialized doctor for a particular problem or the specialized doctor?

The one with more specialized skills is almost always the one that makes more money, and why is that?

My belief is that it's got to do with focus.

The more you focus on something, the better you are going to become at it and the more you are going to position yourself in a place where people and businesses need you.

Focus also brings synergy. If you attention and time go from one place to another, chances of you succeeding are very low.

This is what also happens with beginner online entrepreneurs. As soon as they discover the amazing possibilities of the online marketing world, they get stuck in a loop of always discovering the next great and amazing way to make money.

If you are a beginner, avoid this loop at all costs and decide to
FOCUS instead.